Accounts > Demo account > Instructions


After downloading FOREXer 5 file and installing it; choose “Open an Account” from “file” menu (or press Ctrl+N to open the navigator window, and right click on the accounts and choose the Open an Account). You can choose the FOREXer-server for trying to trade. Click next to continue.

To open a new demo account, choose “new demo account”. Then click on next.

To complete the procedure of opening a new demo account fill all the fields specified in the beneath picture.

Attention: Attention: FXerProfit account is unique and special type of FOREXer’s trading accounts; please choose the FXerProfit from the trading accounts here if you are interested in.

Leverage: Choose your leverage from 1:1, 1:3, 1:5, 1:10


Deposit: Type or choose your deposit amount here. Please pay attention that in FOREXer 5 in contrary to FOREXer 5, you have to create new demo account after the deposited amount has been expired.


Check the “I agree to subscribe to your newsletters” and click on next.

The next window is your account registration details. Click the “finish” to complete opening a new demo account procedure.

You will see two new e-mails after connecting to the servers automatically. One is related to your account registration details (your login and password) and the other one is a welcoming note. Now you can use the platform.

Congratulations! You have a demo account. Enjoy trading!