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Complete the online "Limited Real Account Opening Request" form.

Fund a minimum deposit of USD 200 up to USD 2,000 only

The Limited Real account will be opened after the final check of Support team

Applicants have to follow the Real account opening process, after their Limited real account is opened


Minimum Initial Deposit USD 200

Real Trading Account with unlimited Leverage

FOREXer believes that high leverage is the main cause of losses in Forex trading. Since new traders do not usually seek advice from financial advisers, and wish to experience the market themselves, FOREXer has decided to provide Limited Real Trading account for the purpose of training. This account is good for new traders to experience and learn this market with a minimal deposit of USD 200 or EUR 200 only. The account holder can choose leverage up to 1:500 and cannot hold more than USD 2,000 in this account, thus the risk is limited up to this extent.

Limited Real Account aims at:

Experience high leveraged real trading

Leverage experience of 50, 100, 200, 500, which is the main cause of loss

Training with a small deposit in real time mode

To limit possible loss up to the max amount of USD or EUR 2,000

  Reaching huge profits with small amounts (expecting miracles??)

Understanding Leverage and passing the Leverage Quiz

General terms and conditions governing funding of Limited Real Account

Only $ 2,000 deposit per Limited Training Account at a time (therefore the total loss may not exceed $ 2,000)

The minimum account deposit $ 200 USD or EUR

Selected leverage range between 1 to 500 (including Stop Out percent)

Leverage for non major currencies is  50% of original choice.

       - The maximum Leverage for gold and oil is 100.

       - Leverage for silver and gas is at most 50.

Closing open trades in the event of insufficient margin 90 percent.

Weekends and holidays Leverage 100 times and stop out 90 percent.

Each applicant is entitled to open only one Limited Real Account only with EUR or USD

Limited Real account can be used both in Platforms Forexer 5 or Forexer 4 but the total deposit amount for each trading wouldn’t be higher than  2,000 EUR or USD.

Is there any difference between the Limited Real Account and the other types?

  No difference in terms of how trades are conducted.

  No limitations on leverage selection

  The only difference is that the account holder is not allowed to deposit more than 2000 EUR or USD at a time.

  To withdraw profit from these accounts, traders either fill in the Online Withdrawal Request Form or make a phone request. Traders can withdraw a minimum of USD 200 each time.

  The purpose of this account is training.No time limit for holding positions and accounts.