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FOREXer "Managed Accounts"

This plan is suitable for Individual investors who are interested to open a forex investment account and hire money managers to look after their accounts. FOREXer Advisory AG, with a practical experience of10 years, has come up with a unique trading plan for investments higher than USD 100,000. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Prerequisites & Steps of Managed Accounts

2.Enter into the Agreements

3.Open a Trading Account

4. Get Started!

Open a Trading Account with a forex broker of your choice with a minimum deposit of $100, 000

Fully  understand the plant, study the agreements between parties, gain a basic Forex knowledge

Sign the agreements between you and FOREXer Advisory AG, Swiss for Management of your account

1.Review the plan

Plan is appropriate for those who:

Tend to keep their investment value in USD

Interested in making foreign income

Interested in international currency markets

Tend their capitals to be managed by Forex experts

Have no time to enter into the market and trade directly

Wish to pursue their investment in moments


Fund requirements

A trade account with the initial deposit of USD 100,000 with a reputable broker or bank is required


Eager to invest in financial markets

Basic knowledge of the International  financial markets

Read & Accept “Investment” and “Risk Disclosure” Agreement of FOREXer