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Why choose FOREXer as your Financial Broker?

A financial brokerage firm, founded in 2004, being in this market for more than a decade assures the reliability and transparency of the business of this firm.

Offers strategies and solutions in order to decrease losses and trading risks, in other words a broker who cares about the safety of your investment.

Free FOREXer Preliminary  training 1 and 2 through the phone

Transfer funds between customer accounts instantly with “no commission” through FOREXer wallet (FOREXer5)

With the FOREXer P.R.O.F.I.T account program, Forex trading turns to a great job opportunity

Provides Limited real account (real market experience with minimum USD 200 deposit)

Various plans for Managed Accounts

Modern training methods on learning Forex Market in a different and simple view

Brings you the popular Metatrader Trading platform as FOREXer5 with Hedge futures


In the following, we describe the questions that have been raised by Forex broker clients over the past few years, along with its response. Let us help you with our common goals by guiding and asking for new questions. Our colleagues are ready to answer and guide you.


  • Question 1: What does FOREXer mean?

    FOREXer means Forex Trader, just like a reporter which means someone who reports or a journalist.

  • Question 2: When was FOREXer founded?

    FOREXer was initially established in Wilmington, State of Delaware, USA in 2004 with the title of NTWO Capital Markets. and then expanded its operations to Dubai and New Zealand.

  • Question 3: How many companies are trading in FOREXer’s name?

    Two brokerage firms are operating in a financial group in both the United States and New Zealand simultaneously with a different structure and products. FOREXer’s representative office is based in Dubai, which deals with the provision of services only with the coordination of the headquarters and does not have any financial affiliation with customers.

  • Question 4: Where are the two FOREXer brokerage firms located?

    FOREXer USA is located in Wilmington, Delaware:

    2711,Centerville Road,Suite 400,Wilmington,state of Delaware,USA

    FOREXer New Zealand is located in Auckland:


    New addresses and phones are updated on the Forex Brokerage site.

  • Question 5: What is the difference between the FOREXer USA and FOREXer NZ?

    New Zealand brokerage is currently offering only foreign exchange products, but the US brokerage offers traders such as foreign currencies, precious metals, energy and agricultural products.

    New Zealand FOREXer With regard to being monitored, it's quite clear to the New Zealand government that who is the account holder  with this broker, and if that person has a tax issue in his country, should pay attention to this. But in the USA FOREXer, no regulator controls its funds, and who are the owners of capital.

  • Question 6: Who is the owner of these companies?

    Global Eternity Limited is the 100% shareholder of these companies, with the same management and shareholders. Global Eternity is an investment holding company. The Holding company is the owner of FOREXer.

  • Question 7: Do the account opening contracts differ for each company?

    Yes, these two companies have two completely different legal contracts. Each contract is according to the prevailing financial rules and regulations of the country they are registered in  Each contract is according to the prevailing financial rules and regulations of the country they are registered in.

  • Question 8: What is the role of FOREXer Rep Office in Dubai?

    FOREXer Representative Office in Dubai provides services to the Central Office and Clients, such as marketing, facilitating easy account opening process, customer support and tutoring. The Representative Office has been active in Dubai from the past 10 years and because of its great services, it has a good reputation and clean record. FOREXer Rep office has no legal responsibility towards Clients’ trades or any back office activity. The Clients’ enter agreements and deposit funds to their accounts directly through the Central offices.

  • Question 9: What is the minimum amount required for opening an account in FOREXer?

    The minimum amount required to open a Limited Real Account is USD 200, for real account USD 2,000 and for P.R.O.F.I.T account is USD 10,000.

  • Question 10: What is a FOREXer Limited real account?

    Limited real account, is specially designed to train traders by trading in real environment with real money and limited risk. This account is good for new traders to experience and learn this market with a minimal deposit of USD 200 or EUR 200 only. The account holder can choose leverage up to 1:500 and cannot hold more than USD 2,000 in this account, thus the risk is limited up to this extent (more…).

  • Question 11: What is FOREXer P.R.O.F.I.T account?

    FOREXer P.R.O.F.I.T account is an account with predefined rules, in order to decrease the risks of traders in trading foreign currencies, precious metals, energy and commodities with a leverage of 10:1 (more…).

  • Question 12: What is a FOREXer Managed account?

    This program is suitable for investors who are interested in International Currency Markets (Forex). FOREXer, with its 10 years of experience, has succeeded to design and launch a unique trading program for Managing accounts (more…).

  • Question 13: Are there any daily or weekly analysis? Where can these be found?

    Yes. Daily analysis can be found in FOREXer 5 trading platform and weekly analysis can be found in the news section of the website and Telegram channel.

  • Question 14: How the proper operation of FOREXer is ensured?

    FOREXer New Zealand is operating under the supervision of FSP and FDR that are two financial regulatory. All links to supervisory websites are available at forexer1.com/nz; FOREXer New Zealand is regulated and FOREXer USA is an offshore company that is operating under the supervision of an auditing firm. Both brokerage firms use a mutual trading platform and server and benefit from a unified and harmonious law to execute trading.

  • Question 15: If a customer wants to complain about trades or any subject, what instructions he/she should follow?

    All complaints against FOREXer New Zealand must be registered and pursued online via www.fdr.org.nz. Complaints against FOREXer USA must be reported to the Dubai office via www.forexer.pro The complaints will then be investigated by the auditors and compliance officers.

  • Question 16: Where does FOREXer income come from?

    FOREXer generates income from the difference between wholesale buy and sell price of the main providers to the customers. No commission, tax, additional charge or hidden costs will be deducted from the trades. (Banks or large investment companies can be the main providers or market makers.)

  • Question 17: Does FOREXer charge overnight swap for holding the positions of customers?

    Since all trades include either swap payment or charge, all trades in FOREXer do include swap and in some occasions it is paid to the customer and in some occasions it is deducted from the customer account. These amounts are insignificants and will be added or deducted from the customer’s account at the end of the week. The amounts will be calculated based on the volume and the number of days the position is held. The amounts can be found on the official FOREXer website. These amounts can be removed or replaced according to Muslim trading rules.

  • Question 18: What is the process of opening a real trading account?

    For more information on the conditions of opening a real trading account, please click here.

  • Question 19: What do savings account and P.R.O.F.I.T account mean?

    When you apply to open an account in FOREXer, two accounts will be opened for you: Savings and Trading. Your funds will be maintained in the savings account and only a fraction of the funds (as per the initial agreement) will be transferred to the trading account. (Please click here for more information)

  • Question 20: What is the reason for opening two accounts (savings and trading) in FOREXer?

    As mentioned before, the goal of FOREXer is to increase the safety of trading and decrease the risk of the market. A decade experience of FOREXer shows the main reason for the loss of traders is their reaction to the sensitive market conditions. Some traders place a higher volume of trades after making profits. Some traders start trading based on emotion without any plan to make up their losses. These factors increase the failure of traders. Therefore, FOREXer transfers the full amount of the funds into a savings account and allows customers to trader with a fraction of their funds only. In this case, customers can perform trading with a peace of mind and more focus because the fraction of the amount is only at risk and the remaining will be kept securely in for future trades. Please note that keeping the initial funds and the ability to stay in the market are the main factors of the success. (For more information, click here.)

  • Question 21: What are the methods of deposit to open an account?

    • Deposit into FOREXer DBS bank account in Singapore
    • Deposit into FOREXer bank account in UAE (Emirates NBD ,BANK OF BARODA)
    • Deposit into intermediary accounts and FOREXer representative accounts with no commission
  • Question 22: What are the methods of depositing further amount into the account?

    This is exactly the same as depositing into the account.

  • Question 23: Is there any specific training in regards to trading?

    Yes, you can visit the training section of the website, additionally you can apply for the free over the phone training course.

  • Question 24: What are the methods of withdawal from trading or savings accounts?

    Complete the withdrawal request form and submit via fax, email or FOREXer website

    Complete the withdrawal form online on FOREXer official website

    Request withdrawal by contacting FOREXer support department

  • Question 25: What is the minimum volume which can be traded in FOREXer?

    The minimum volume is 0.01 lot for currency pairs and 0.1 lot for trading other products (gold, silver, oil, gas).

  • Question 26: Does FOREXer allow scalping?

    A trading strategy that attempts to make many profits on small price changes. Traders who implement this strategy will place anywhere from 10 to a couple hundred trades in a short period of time in the belief that small moves in price are easier to catch than large ones. Usually, this form of trading ends up with huge losses, therefore, FOREXer recommends traders not to do so. However, scalping is allowed in FOREXer5.

  • Question 27: How does FOREXer deal with banks and liquidity providers?

    FOREXer deals with banks and liquidity providers in the form of STP. STP, Straight through Process means that your Buy and Sell orders of a currency or product is settled immediately with a bank or a liquidity provider as soon as it is accepted by the central servers of FOREXer. Spreads are the income of FOREXer (the difference between buying and selling).

  • Question 28: What are the work timings of FOREXer?

    Opens at 21:00 GMT on Sunday and closes at 21:00 GMT on Friday. The Customer Support works 24 hours a day, five days a week.

  • Question 29: In FOREXer, are the spreads fixed or floating?

    Opens at 21:00 GMT on Sunday and closes at 21:00 GMT on Friday. The Customer Support works 24 hours a day, five days a week.

  • Question 30: Do you recommend any specific trading method?

    Yes, we do provide simple and effective tools and you will be able to apply them by watching our videos. You can learn this in less than a month.

  • Question 31: What are the conditions for terminating the P.R.O.F.I.T account?

    You may simply withdraw your funds by submitting the withdrawal form at any time and this will result in terminating the agreement respectively.

  • Question 32: Is it possible to trade more than one major currency pair in the P.R.O.F.I.T account?

    Yes, you would be able to select your currency pairs at the time of account opening. This feature enables traders in order to stay more focused.

  • Question 33: Does the P.R.O.F.I.T account make any limitations for traders?

    Yes, it does. This limitation is designed to prevent scattering in trades, past experiences shows uncontrolled and unlimited facilities lead to losses. We have explained further on this issue in other sections.

  • Question 34: Is the P.R.O.F.I.T account actually a bank account?

    No, the savings account in the P.R.O.F.I.T scheme is provided by FOREXer so you can keep your funds away from the market risks.

  • Question 35: Is there any limitation on the number of account opened within 24 hours?

    Not for the trading accounts. However, if a position closes in loss, you will not be able to trade again until 00:00 GMT in the P.R.O.F.I.T scheme.

  • Question 36: Has FOREXer been trading under the same name for the past 12 years?

    No, since 2004 this brokerage firm has traded under N2 Capital Market and the name changed to FOREXer when there was a change in shareholders.

  • Question 37: Am I able to fund my trading account via credit cards?

    This method is currently not available.

  • Question 38: How an open position is automatically closed? (Stop Out)

    If the margin level reaches 90%, it will automatically be closed.

  • Question 39: What is the difference between a real account and P.R.O.F.I.T?

    In self-employment program, a few limitations are implemented in order to control risks and losses. For example, you can only deal on one selected pair of currency. If you make loss, you cannot trade until 00:00 GMT (until the time of deposit to the trading account reaches). Only a part of your money is available for trade in trading account and the main part of it is kept in the saving account for future trades.

  • Question 40: Is FOREXer and N2trader5 the same?


  • Question 41: Does FOREXer offer American stocks?

    FOREXer currently offers currency pairs, metals (gold, silver), energy (oil, gas) and agriculture products (for accounts higher than $50,000).