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FOREXer5 is the most latest version of Metatrader trading platform developed by Metaquotes Software corp. The platform offers considerable benefits to traders and provides significant advantages over competing platforms. In other words, FOREXer5 is the most advanced and functional trading platform for convenient work on the currency market.

With FOREXer5 desktop version, you will access the following functions:

FOREXer5 for online access to all Financial Markets

FOREXer5 for one-click spot forex and precious metals trading

FOREXer5 for the opportunity to trade on several financial markets using one trading account.

FOREXer5 has advanced charting options including custom chart timeframes

FOREXer5 has highly customizable order entry settings. Control and management of opened positions and pending orders with the help of stop loss and take profit.

FOREXer5 for online access to quotes and news

FOREXer5 has an optimized “Strategy tester” for better testing of the expert system

FOREXer5 provides the possibility to analyze “Market depth”, a new innovation

FOREXer5 has more than a thousand free trading strategies, indicators and scripts available for downloading instantly

FOREXer5 has two new types of pending orders compared to its previous version: Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit.

FOREXer5 enables you to launch the MetaEditor directly from the terminal

FOREXer5 has increased security and reliability compared to its previous versions

FOREXer5 has the possibility of auto-trading, expert advisors

FOREXer5 provides a secure internal email for a 24H correspondence with its Customer support team

FOREXer5 provides the possibility to place 8 types of postponed or pending orders

FOREXer5 offers 3 types of charts with the possibility to choose among 21 time periods and more than 70 technical tools