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In two quick steps, you can easily activate "FOREXer Wallet" services:

First step: Accept the terms and conditions of transferring funds between trading accounts.

Second step: Fill up the online “Activating FOREXer Wallet Request" form.

"FOREXer Wallet" Terms and conditions

Internal Fund Transfer, between Accounts

It is possible to transfer funds between client's trading account (Client's account name must be homonymous for transfers) and client's "FOREXer Wallet" account.

After filling out the online request and activation of "FOREXer Wallet" service, it is possible to transfer funds between clients trading accounts.

In FOREXer Wallet Account funds can be transferred between accounts with the same base currency.

Clients can transfer available balance and free margin of the trading account.

Since funds transfer is done with the authorization of the account owner and without any direct interference of FOREXer, account owner is solely responsible for the deposits.

Deposits to the beneficiary account are irreversible.

Conditions and how to transfer funds between accounts

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Transferring funds between client accounts is only possible through "FOREXer Wallet" intermediate account. ("FOREXer Wallet" account begins with 8, for instance 800112. The last five digits are similar to the last five digits of the trade account.


Transferring funds between accounts of a client (with the same name, email, and currency) is possible.


To transfer fund from the account of a client (800112) to the account of another client (800556), is as follows:

1. First, the client (600112), the transferor, transfers the desired amount to his "FOREXer Wallet" account (800112).


2. Then he has to give the account number and main password of his "FOREXer Wallet" account (800112) to the beneficiary (800556) who will withdraw the desired amount from the "FOREXer Wallet" account of the transferor. Notice: Account number and password for "FOREXer Wallet" account gives the beneficiary, the ability to completely withdraw the entire amount in "FOREXer Wallet" account. Therefore, transferor must only keep the sum amount which he desires to transfer in his "FOREXer Wallet".


3. After receiving the account number and main password of the transferor’s "FOREXer Wallet" account, the beneficiary can transfer funds to his own account.


4. It is necessary for the transferor to change the password of his "FOREXer Wallet" account after the fund transfer procedure is complete.


Notice: To proceed with any type of transfers between accounts, account number and main password for both Transferor and beneficiary accounts are required.


To secure your funds, it’s recommended to keep the balance of your "FOREXer Wallet" zero, or only hold the amount you wish to transfer.

FOREXer Wallet

Internal Fund Transfer, between Accounts

In order to extend the functionality of trading accounts, FOREXer offers its clients “FOREXer Wallet”- Internal Fund Transfer between Clients’ accounts. FOREXer wallet allows its clients to make internal deposits and withdrawals between their trading accounts. This feature can be used with FOREXer 5 Trading platform.


"FOREXer Wallet" features:

Instant transfers between trading accounts without any direct interference of FOREXer.

No hidden charges

Easy activation of "FOREXer Wallet", all you need is to complete the online request form.

High level of security of the operations conducted: The ability to use OTP or One Time Password (optional, available for IOS 5 and higher and android operating systems).

FOREXer Wallet users have the possibility to transfer funds from their account to accounts of others, relatives and friends.

No amount or time limitations or restrictions.

This feature is only available in FOREXer 5 desktop version.

How to activate "FOREXer Wallet":