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Open Live Online Trading Account

Complete the online "Real Account Opening Request" form.

Read carefully and accept the Trading terms and conditions.

Complete forms, prepare required documents and send it via email or fax.

Fund your account

Mail original documents to complete the process

Minimum Initial Deposit USD 2,000

To open a trading account with Forexer, kindly fill out the online "Real Account Opening Request" form and then take the following steps in order:

Kindly Read, understand and accept the terms of the contract of opening Trade

 or savings account:

Kindly download the following documents and read them carefully:

Opening Trade or savings account terms

  Risk disclosure


Before taking the Next steps make sure you have studied and agree with the terms and conditions of the contract.

Preparation and completion of required forms and documents

Please prepare the following documents:

Fill out the Account Opening Form accurately and sign it. Accuracy of your information is required for account opening process.

Print Consent and Declaration Form of real persons then fill, sign and finger print *

A copy of National ID Card along with applicant sign and fingerprint on it.*

Identification card or passport copy (signed)*


Those marked with asterisks are mandatory.


Note: Your signature and fingerprint signify as verification and compliance with all provisions of the "Terms and Conditions Account "and" Risk Disclosure "and" affidavits and Disclaimer"


Send copies of documents and forms for initial approval

Kindly send the prepared documents according to the 2nd step to the following email address or fax

Fax: +9714 2967404


Clients must ensure that the copies of the documents have been received by FOREXer Rep Office in Dubai. Contact us for more details:

+9714 2965553

Initial Approval

FOREXer will verify and confirm all the forms and documents, and notify the Applicant to complete the procedure by email or phone call. The applicant may fund his account according to the account information he receives in his email.

Fund your account to open Trade and Savings accounts

In order to start trading, the applicant should fund an initial amount of USD 2,000 in the account specified by FOREXer. Bank Transfers or deposit through Exchanges may be the best option to do so. The receipt of funding should be sent to FOREXer by fax +9714 2967404 or email


FOREXer will provide account login details to access the trading account in FOREXer trading platform, as soon as the funds are received in its account.

The Client can start trading immediately after receiving the account number and password


Mail the Original Documents

Kindly send the following documents by post to FOREXer Representative office in Dubai


Original Account Opening form duly signed.

Original Affidavit for Individuals (signed and fingerprinted)

Notarized copy of valid ID card

Proof of address (Utility bill, etc)



The client has to submit the above mentioned documents to maintain future financial relation with FOREXer


FOREXer Rep. Office Address in Dubai:

FOREXer Representative office, 1st floor, DIBC, Al Mamzar, Dubai, U.A.E